The Project

Responsible for managing two Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) based projects. Both projects involved working closely with senior Cadbury Schweppes senior managers within the Enterprise Architecture and the Integration Centre of Excellence (iCOE) in addition to working with project teams based in the US and Australia. The first project involved the introduction of the glue: Enterprise Services Architecture product set, including the Conceptual Architecture, Logical Architecture, the Physical Architecture and the glue: JCAPS Enterprise Service Platform, which is a tool-set of SOA Technical Services developed in Sun Microsystems JCAPS 5.2.1. The second project involved the Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of 2 Human Resource Business Services and a Subscription Manager Technical Service. The Business Services were designed and built using JCAPS 5.2.1 to support complex interactions with SAP for Employees and Employee Organisation based transactions.


Cadbury Schweppes – UK & Australia

Malcolm’s Role

Project Management / Project Planning / Commercials

Project Dates

November 2006 – March 2007

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